Side‐by‐side comparability of batch and continuous downstream for the production of monoclonal antibodies

Authors: L. David, P. Schwan, M. Lobedann, S. O. Borchert, B. Budde, M. Temming, M. Kuerschner, F. M. Alberti Aguilo, K. Baumarth, T. Thüte, B. Maiser, A. Blank, V. Kistler, N. Weber, H. Brandt, M. Poggel, K. Kaiser, K. Geisen, F. Oehme, G. Schembecker

research paper



Optimization procedure for hot melt extrusion as a continuous manufacturing technique for amorphous solid dispersions

at the 2nd APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference

Authors: T. Gottschalk, C. Özbay, T. Feuerbach, M. Thommes

poster presentation



Robotics of the future in the pharmaceutical industry

Author: Carl-Helmut Coulon

research paper