Values & Mission


INVITE is investing in the future. INVITE thinks outside the box. We bring research and practice together under one roof in an open innovation platform. As a research joint venture between TU Dortmund University, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and BAYER AG, we deliver powerful ideas for sustainability and ecology in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. INVITE devises INnovations, develops VIsions and revolutionizes TEchnologies - with open and transparent practices. From new concepts for research and innovative processes for industry, to modern strategies for the labor market of the future, INVITE is developing and building the factory and technology of tomorrow.

The Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDIC) which is led by INVITE is an open consortium that brings together partners from pharmaceutical industry, equipment and excipient manufacturers. Having started in 2017, we bridge basic research and industry applications in a highly integrated and interdisciplinary approach.