MoBiDiK - Modular Bioproduction - Disposable and Continuous

Project objectives

The trend in pharmaceutical industry goes towards specialized therapies. This increases the need for more flexible and cost efficient production technologies and strategies.
Therefore it is the MoBiDiK project´s objective to achieve a paradigm change in the biopharmaceutical industry by using modular, disposable and continuous production technologies.

Conventional production process for monoclonal antibodies (source: Kauling, 2009)


INVITE's contribution

The INVITE Team contributes the development of production concepts and their physical demonstration in a pilot plant. By using innovative simulation and optimization methods, INVITE develops the optimal cascade and design of different unit operations to build an optimized production process. INVITE is the link between the different sub-projects from the up- and downstream parts and for this reason INVITE plays a key role within this project.

Project partner

  • Bayer Technology Services GmbH (Projektleitung)
  • Bayer Healthcare AG
  • FH Aachen
  • HiTec Zang
  • PharmedArtis
  • RWTH Aachen
  • TU Dortmund
  • Uniklinikum Aachen