Formulation Technology at Invite

The group Formulation Technology brings together academic know how and industrial working procedures. With our strong academic network, demonstrating the latest scientific achievements, and the many years of industrial experience, guiding us on what actually is feasible to implement in the production plants, our interdisciplinary team tailors the latest technologies for your industrial needs. Formulation Technology is specialized in the technical evaluation of novel formulation, manufacturing and analytical technologies for a future-oriented and sustainable Life-Science industry.

The broad expertise of Formulation Technology also constitutes the platform for the Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDIC), an academic-industrial consortium that successfully drives precompetitive research for the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Formulation Technology values collaborative innovation and stays open to new partnership opportunities. In case of interest, please feel free to contact the Head of Formulation Technology, Dr. Uwe Münster (Tel: +49-1753104837).