INVITE Science Talk 2024 - Robotics


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Time: March 21rst, 2024 4pm - 5pm CET



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Within the Robotics Talks by INVITE in 2024 we  are delighted to present the current results of the EU funded research project TraceBot.
Robotic applications in the pharmaceutical environment require verification and documentation of what the robot does. How can robotic systems in principle be further developed so that they generally verify their actions and document them adequately in pharmaceutical contexts?

We will present the approach and the results of TraceBot so far and also summarize the partial results:
              - Tactile verification incl. detection of Slipping
              - Visual verification incl. pose detection of transparent object
              - Functional verification using semantic reasoning in a digital twin
              - Audit trail generation
              - Application directed development of a "perfect gripper"
              - Intuitive adoption of automation processes

Target Audience: In this science talk, we would like to address in particular all those who
              - ... would like to gain insights into the capabilities of future robotic systems from the
                    perspective of the pharmaceutical industry

              - ... from the automation industry would like to gain insights into which technologies can be
                    used now and in the future
to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry more
                    easily and efficiently

TraceBot receives funding from the European Union‘s H2020-EU.2.1.1. INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP programme (grant agreement No 101017089), 2021-2025

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