INVITE Science Talk 2023 - Robotics


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Accelerate Utilization of Modern Robotics within our industry

Within the Robotics Talks by INVITE in 2023, leading technology providers worldwide will present the state of the art and their visions. We are delighted to welcome Force Dimension and Roboverse Reply as our guests on the 29th of September 4:30pm (CET) in our online session.

“The events are aimed at users with an interest in innovative automation in manufacturing, process industries, plants, labs, inspection, ..... If you are interested to participate, please register. The session will be limited to registered audience only. If you are interested to get information about the last talk with BOSTON DYNAMICS and SRI INTERNATIONAL you find this information at INVITE Science Talk 2023 - Robotics | INVITE GmbH (

The events are aimed at users with an interest in innovative automation in manufacturing, process industries, plants, labs, inspection, ..... If you are interested to participate, please register. The session will be limited to registered audience only.

Imagine... you have mobile robots that support standard tasks in your work area... but that you can also use at any time for any task without having to go on-site... inspecting sites, buildings or plants, taking samples, opening cabinets or doors, identifying hazardous material and then disposing of it autonomously, moving material in the lab or operating lab equipment if no one is on-site, changing filters in production, ...

Suddenly automation becomes easy and cheap. You have the choice to automate 80% autonomously requiring 20% of the effort of full automation only. Machines just ask the human for remote help if they get stuck.

  • The perfect combination of human intelligence and competence with physical presence of the machine on-site.


How realistic is this?

Mobile robots with robotic arms are being used in increasing numbers in laboratories, as well as in factories, warehouses, and open spaces. Teleoperation has been used in surgery, but also in disaster protection for decades. In the last few years, both technologies have rapidly developed and converged. There is practically no provider of mobile robotics that is not engaged in teleoperation – anyhow mobile teleoperation is currently mostly limited to navigation and moving around within existing applications.

We will soon publish the next guests and the next date. If you know companies that should contribute, please feel free to contact us.

Haptics is a technology that involves transmitting information through the sense of touch. This hands-on form of interaction is achieved by using actuated interfaces called haptic devices that convey forces, vibrations, and movement to the user. In recent years, haptic devices have impacted a wide range of applications, ranging from small portable devices for entertainment purposes to complex teleoperated robots that perform fine dexterous manipulation tasks in critical environments.

This talk focuses on recent developments in haptic interface design, real-time simulation, and task control algorithms that bring human modelling and skill understanding to the development of safe, easy-to-use, and competent robotic systems. The presentation highlights these developments in the context of new haptic devices designed for space exploration, industrial, medical and underwater robotics.

Francois Conti received his M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and his PhD in computer science from Stanford University. He is a co founder of Force Dimension, a company based in Switzerland that has earned international recognition for designing and manufacturing high precision haptic interfaces that are used in research, medical, aerospace, and industrial fields. François is currently responsible for the development of new applications for medical companies, research institutions, and industries. He leads the development of the CHAI3D open-source haptic visualization libraries and is a former lecturer of the Experimental Haptics course at Stanford University.


Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Force Dimension has been the leading innovator in high precision haptics technology. The company has gained international reputation for developing and manufacturing its distinctive design and advanced force-feedback interfaces for robotics, industry, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics applications.





Roboverse Reply specializes in mobile robotics in combination with immersive technologies to deliver fully integrated solutions to customer needs. We work with multiple robotics, hardware, and software vendors, including Boston Dynamics, Microsoft, and Leica. Our solutions include Teleoperation through web and immersive technologies, AI skills with sensor-based anomaly detection, fleet management for the Internet of Robotic Things, Digital Twins, and application logic to provide end-to-end customer support.

The adaption of mobile robots is maturing rapidly and will benefit from integrating robotic systems for manipulation in areas of danger to human lives and inspection routines, including recurring inspection tasks, system/ facility surveillance, and alarm handling. Therefore, immersive technologies are the key to a seamless interaction between humans and robotic systems, which will not only change the execution but also the way of working in a new collaborative environment of robotic systems and humans.

To participate in this emerging field, we developed a solution to teleoperate robotic systems remotely through an easily accessible web interface as well as an immersive VR interface. The backbone of the teleoperation solution is our low-latency video streaming and control mechanisms, which allow the robot to be operated from all over the world. Furthermore, we introduce a multiuser approach to break boundaries for four-eye principal inspections and teleoperation.