INVITE Science Talk 2023 - Drug Delivery

We invite you to the next Science Talk @ INVITE, with a topic focusing on Drug Delivery.

Time: Feb 17th, 2023 10:00-11:00

Title: 3D-Printing in Pharmaceutical Sciences:Production of customized airway stents and transmucosal drug delivery systems by digital light processing

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Leroux,  ETH Zürich / Switzerland

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a powerful tool for manufacturing affordable personalized medical devices. Among the different 3D printing techniques, light processing (DLP) stands out due to its ability to rapidly fabricate objects with high-resolution. However, the DLP production of bioresorbable medical devices is currently limited by the lack of suitable biomedical inks. Here, we developed novel polyester-based inks that allow for DLP printing of therapeutic devices with tunable mechanical properties,  degradation profiles and drug release rates. The most promising materials were used to design biodegradable customized airway stents. DLP was also used as prototyping method to fabricate and optimize mucosal suction patches that were investigated for the buccal delivery of peptidic drugs. These studies open new perspectives for the rapid manufacturing of complex devices with superior properties.


Link: The talk can be attended using following link

Meeting-ID: 868 8042 2601

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