INVITE Science Talk 2022 - Sustainability

We invite you to an INVITE Science Talk where we take a deeper dive in sustainability assessments. Aim is to keep the dialogue and interaction within our network vivid and discuss relevant topics for science and industry. It is an open event so please share it with other interested colleagues or friends.

Time: October 4th, 2022 12:00-13:00

Title: Sustainability assessment during early-stage bioprocess development – Status quo, challenges and recommendations

-          Current Status of sustainability assessments for bioprocesses and used methods

-          Life cycle assessment (LCA): Challenges and recommendations

-          LCA as decision support in the early-stage development phase of bioprocesses

Presenter: Dr. Katrin Rosenthal

The research group of Katrin Rosenthal deals with biotransformations from the identification of new biocatalysts to the development of sustainable bioprocesses. For the development of climate- and resource-friendly bioprocesses, Katrin Rosenthal focuses on methods and tools for the ecological evaluation and comparison of processes and process alternatives.

Link: The talk can be attended using following link