TeleRobotic* Pharma: Easily controlling industrial robot arms remotely from a safe distance

It's time to completely separate people and product where necessary. And now, finally, this becomes affordable... We enter a strategic partnership with SRI to support the utilization of this technology by the pharmaceutical industry.

TeleRobotic* Pharma: Easily controlling industrial robot arms remotely from a safe distance INVITE GmbH

Telemanipulation in sterile environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing - SRI International

Where could TeleRobotic play a role in pharma??

TeleRobotic would completely eliminate human-product contact in cleanrooms and isolators - while retaining the full capabilities and adaptability of a human. You would no longer be limited to the reach of gloves when building isolators, and you could intervene in the process at any point without sending in a human in a protective suit. This has already been implemented in human surgery. There, it plays also a beneficial role that a single expert can perform operations anywhere in the world, even more precisely than with his own hands on site.
We have worked intensively on this technology in various research projects, but we are not a solution provider. In SRI, we have found a partner that has successfully demonstrated TeleRobotic with multi-million dollar technology in surgery and will repeat this success in the pharmaceutical industry with standard robots.

We want to support SRI with our knowledge about pharmaceutical applications and requirements and help the pharmaceutical industry to get access to this kind of applications.

*: TeleRobotic

  • = Teleoperated robot arms
  • = Industrial robot arms easily controlled remotely from a safe distance

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Charly Coulon / Head of Future Manufacturing Concepts