New PhD Research Projects at DDIC

In the framework of open innovation DDIC has started 6 new doctoral projects at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and the Technical University of Dortmund.

New PhD Research Projects at DDIC INVITE GmbH

After meanwhile successful completion of most of the PhD theses of the first generation of students in the DDIC, 6 new topics have now been started. The new theses include current areas of pharmaceutical technology such as amorphous solid dispersions, protein formulations, modified release formulations, but are also related to pharmacokinetic modeling and process topics. The students are supervised by our partners at TU Dortmund and HHU Düsseldorf and the work is closely accompanied by our industrial partners. We wish our PhD students a successful start with their exciting topics.




Title of PhD thesis


TU Dortmund

G. Sadowski

Controlling Quality and Kinetics of Drying Processes for amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs)


TU Dortmund

M. Thommes

Comparison of numerical approaches in modeling of pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion processes for ASD production


HHU Düsseldorf

J. Breitkreutz

Fate of amorphous particles in the GI-tract


HHU Düsseldorf

J. Breitkreutz

In vitro and in silico physiology based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of pediatric drug formulations


HHU Düsseldorf

J. Breitkreutz

Small matrices (Minitablets) with extended drug release properties


HHU Düsseldorf

M. Hacker

Amino acid-derivatized amphiphiles for stabilization and release of highly concentrated and low viscous formulations of protein/antibody

The DDIC was founded in 2017 by the companies Bayer AG, LB Bohle GmbH, Merck KGaA and UCB S.A, together with the university partners TU Dortmund and HHU Düsseldorf. INVITE GmbH is leading the consortium. DDIC fosters international, multi-disciplinary networks in the research area of drug delivery and manufacturing. This consortium promotes pharmaceutical science in close collaboration with academia and industrial partners along the value chain.