New facility for API handling opened at INVITE

The new facility for API handling within the INVITE technical plant was officially opened on March 5, 2020.

Opening ceremony: Tonia Tonnes (Project Lead), Uwe Stelzer (Bayer AG, Chair of the INVITE Supervisory Board), Armin Schweiger (Managing Director), Werner Hoheisel (Head of Formulation Technology)

Dr. Uwe Stelzer (Bayer AG), chairman of INVITE’s supervisory board, was pleased to attend the opening ceremony: “The new facility is the next step in INVITE’s Life Science strategy”. The new environment was finalized in a turn-key project together with the execution partner Chemgineering within 4 months and is equipped with a completely separate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Based on the safety concept and the implemented pressure cascade it is possible to handle APIs up to a level of OEB4 within the new area. The facility will be used for INVITE’s bilateral customer projects as well as for research projects funded by the Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDIC). Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Kleinebudde (HHU Düsseldorf, Chair of the Scientific Board of the DDIC) adds: “We are now no longer limited to model APIs but can work with almost all relevant substances. This adds a new dimension to our research capabilities.” The first research project will start within the next days and we are looking forward to exploring the new opportunities together with our partners.