New DDIC Member: digiM

New DDIC Member: digiM INVITE GmbH

We welcome digiM solution as a new member to the Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDIC).  

digiM champions the combined power of micro-imaging data and computational physics modeling in the DDIC relevant fields of Materials Science and Drug Development. digiM know-how comprises a portfolio of digital imaging capabilities, proprietary machine learning and generative AI technologies, in silico dissolution predictions, as well as cloud computing infrastructure and data management. Using their AI-based image analysis algorithms, digiM correlates quantified microstructure attributes with processing conditions, formulation designs, and manufacturing conditions. digiM capabilities boost mechanistic understanding and guide towards optimized solutions in clinical drug development programs as well as life cycle management of a drug product. For more information, please refer to this link

The DDIC was founded in 2017 by the companies Bayer AG, LB Bohle GmbH, Merck KGaA (all Germany) and UCB S.A (Belgium), together with the university partners TU Dortmund and HHU Düsseldorf. INVITE GmbH is leading the consortium. The DDIC fosters international, multi-disciplinary networks in the research area of drug delivery and manufacturing, it promotes pharmaceutical science in close collaboration with academia and pharmaceutical industry along the value chain.