CarbonChallenge after harvesting

The two last days before the summer break, we visited the six high schools which participated in the CarbonChallenge and harvested the biomass they cultivated.

CarbonChallenge after harvesting INVITE GmbH

The CarbonChallenge is a joint initiative of Bayer, CEPLAS and INVITE and the participating schools agreed to cultivate as much biomass as possible on 1 square meter using nothing but seeds and soil. Aim is to find out how much CO2 can plants transform into biomass under these constraints.

The chosen approaches of the schools varied very much. They selected different crops, created different set ups, one school even developed a multilevel setup, ... And then there was the enthusiasm of the students which ran the experiments. All were curious how their approach performed. Before we can announce the winner, we still have dry the biomass. That is why we put the harvested 25kg of biomass in 24 crates and let them dry in the sun.