2021 Grants4Tech Challenge: Getting to the Root of the Unknown!

In search for a non-destructive technology that makes the roots of plants in the field visible, Bayer has launched the RootScanner challenge with prestigious awards for the three finalist teams. Invite supports the organization of this challenge.

2021 Grants4Tech Challenge: Getting to the Root of the Unknown! INVITE GmbH

All information can be found here. But here a summary of what this year's Grants4Tech challenge is about.

The Opportunity

The most critical part of every plant remains invisible to the eye. Inspecting roots of plants in the field requires digging and is consequently time consuming and destructive. Because of that, we cannot track the development of roots over time to truly understand how they influence crop yield.

The Challenge

Demonstrate non-destructive and when possible a non-invasive method to map the root system of a plant in the field. The solution should give estimates of the root mass, root depth, and the diameter of the root system. Winning characteristics are accuracy, portability, and ease of use.

The three best groups get the opportunity to present their technology and capabilities at the finalist event. There they showcase their solution in front of representatives from industry, startups and institutions.

The deadline for submitting the proposals is May 12, 2021 and the winner receives an award of 40.000 €. For more information on the challenge, official rules and much more click here.