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Wherever it is possible on our homepage to enter personal information (e-mail addresses, names, street addresses, etc.), users expressly do so on a voluntary basis. We ensure that all data transmitted to INVITE GmbH is handled confidentially and used exclusively within INVITE GmbH. We do not pass on to third parties any personal data transmitted to us (except where otherwise required to do so, e.g. as ordered by a court of law). We do not warrant the security of data transmission via the Internet. We expressly point out that, particularly when sending emails, there is a risk of access by third parties. INVITE GmbH cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted protection. As a precaution, we hereby prohibit the use by third parties of our contact and company data, which we are required by law to disclose on our website. Should unsolicited advertising information be sent to us, e.g. spam mails, we reserve the right to take legal action.

Terms of use

The terms of use apply for all visitors to the Internet site at maintained by Forschungsgesellschaft INVITE GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany. By accessing these web pages, users automatically accept these terms of use.

The content of this website is researched and compiled with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, errors in processing cannot be ruled out. We kindly ask you to send any comments or corrections using our contact form.

Despite careful review, we do not warrant the correctness or completeness of the content of the website, or guarantee that it is up-to-date. In particular, INVITE assumes no liability for potential losses or consequences arising from the direct or indirect use of the disclosed content.

INVITE, as the content provider, is responsible under general law for its own content that it makes available for use. In this context, a distinction must be made between INVITE's own content and external links to content from other providers. This external content does not originate from INVITE, nor is INVITE capable of influencing the content of third-party websites. The content of external sites, to which INVITE refers by means of hyperlinks, does not reflect the opinions of INVITE, but rather serves solely as a source of information and to represent related topics. INVITE shall not be liable for external content, to which it refers only for the purpose described above. The provider of that content bears sole responsibility therefore.

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